28/01/2017 Day 28 of 365

We are moving house on Friday so I was starting to pack a few things up and found a couple of shoe boxes under the bed with my running medals in. Unfortunately I cannot find my framed lace panels from the Nottingham marathon, 2 were signed on the back by Ian Thompson, one of my running inspirations.

Here are a few of them that bring back memories, especially as some of the races are no longer around.

The Barrow festival 10 miles, great course, a bit hilly, got my first sub 1 hour there (57:59).

3 London Marathons (1989, 1991 &2015)

The first Luton international marathon 1990 (2:48:59) where I finished in 19th place.

2 County medals, 10000m Silver and  3000m steeplechase bronze.

Charnwood A.C. Road running champion, Clubman of the year and athlete of the year plus club championship gold in 2000m steeplechase

Half a dozen from the ‘old’ Loughborough 1/2 marathon and a couple from the new 1/2 marathon.

Torbay 1/2 marathon 2011, 2nd V55.

Robert Bakewell  2.5 mile race 1st place.

LRRL summer league V55 2nd place.

And many more. 🙂


Canon 40D with Sigma 24-70 @24mm plus Canon 380EX flash. f/6.3, 1/250s, ISO 400

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